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Zookeeper -- Introduction

What is Zookeeper

Zookeeper technology is created by Apache Foundations, and is a service for coordinating processes of distributed applications.
It is used in many applications for providing functionalities, including:
  • Dynamic Configuration Management

    For applications that needs to talk to other applications and share configuration information, zookeeper can be used. Processes can write configuration, and other processes can read them, with assured reliability of information.

  • Dynamic Configuration Management

    We can implement groups using zookeeper, and applications that require categorisation of different processes, can use zookeeper.

    Zookeeper can provide information about the different types of services, and different processes that belong to those groups. Some information related to each process can also be stored along with the process, which can be used by other processes or other service.

  • Implementing Locks

    Locks can be implemented by zookeeper for providing features like, mutual exclusion, read/write locks, etc.